The testing of promotional materials (TV commercials, poster design, billboards and other)

This research shows the peculiarities of perceiving your commercial by the target group as well as the consumers’ attitude to your commercial and how it changes after getting to know it.

The marketing research of the perception of promotional materials by the target group is the necessary link in creating a product. This stage is very important because based on the results of the research it is possible to make a preliminary conclusion about how the commercial will effect on the target group.

This research aims at:

• Finding out the reaction of the target group
• Testing various characteristics of promotional materials
• The assessing promotional materials and their influence on various consumer categories
• The possibility of correcting promotional materials before making them public

Data gathering is performed using the following methods of marketing researches: focus group discussions, in-hall tests, face-to-face interviews.

The monitoring of commercials will help You not only control the preparation and publication of your advertisement but also take into account the share of competitors’ advertising budget.

The aims of the research:

The monitoring of advertisements in the Metro 
The monitoring of advertisements in public transport
The monitoring of advertisements in in the media (top 20 newspapers and magazines)
The monitoring of advertisements in trade outlets

At the present time the MOREINFO marketing agency also develops the methodology of monitoring the Khamkor cable TV, monitoring outdoor advertisements and monitoring promo-actions undertaken by various companies.
Social and economic researches

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