Retail census

Census is a complete description of all trade outlets according to their types, geographical locations, affiliation with company networks and so on.

It is used for launching a new product to the market, organizing a new retail network, optimizing the work of commercial representatives.

The MOREINFO marketing agency offers conducting trade outlets census in more than 100 settlements and cities of Uzbekistan.

This research will allow you obtain the number of all retail trade outlets in a corresponding city in Uzbekistan with marking them in the map, and also to obtain the following information about each of them:


• Name, full address and the type of an outlet (supermarkets, kiosks, grocery stores, shops in bazaars, street vendors, HoReCa and others)
• Specialization
• The area of shop floor
• The number of cash registers
• The type of service
• The availability of barcode scanner
• The number of refrigerators and freezers in the sales area
• The range of goods offered (the lists of product categories)
• Contact person, phone and fax numbers
• The availability of promotional materials inside and outside the trade outlet


Data that will be collected in these researches will help plan better the route of distribution. Reveal new potential distributors. Obtain information about the structure of retail network.

Optimize the work of commercial representatives.

Our agency’s staff has more than 10 years experience of conducting this research in Uzbekistan and other cities of Central Asia.

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