Social researches and social branding

In this direction of sociological studies the subjects of the study are: the problems of adaptation of the population to the market economy; social-political and legislative conditions of functioning of small, medium and big business; regional social and economic problems; the activities of local business communities; the questions of social and economic responsibility of the business and the corporate image.

Social and economic researches are ones of the most important directions of the research activities.

The phenomena lying at the turn of social and economic spheres of the activities of the society are being studied within the framework of this direction. In addition, very often during marketing and social and economical researches it is needed to have information about the level of the social and economic development, the quality of life in the region (city, district, etc),the problems of local communities, the peculiarities of people’s economic behavior.

The basic source of such information are the social and economic researches.

The MOREINFO marketing agency offers new services in social marketing and branding which were developed specially for the non-commercial sector.

These services will help your company:

To reach effective communication;
To increase the knowledge about the problems of current importance;
To delve into the essence of target groups, to exert influence on their behavior and to win their trust


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