Marketing Consulting

Marketing consulting purposes an enterprise’s achievement its market objectives through construction of rational interaction between this enterprise and market.

Depth of our integration into consulting project:
- the project is realized ingenuously by our consultants;
- the project is carried out  by joint effort of our consultants and representatives of Client’s staff .

The method is developed by a consultant and is realized by representatives of Client’s staff.

The results of consulting on questions like modification of marketing and sales functions can be the following:

Ø       increasing the speed of company’s reactions to changes of the external environment;
creation of marketing data gaining and storing system in a company, improving constructions of marketing information streams;

Ø       ensuring company’s steadiness in the market through choice of competitive strategy and development marketing and sales strategies;

Ø       introduction of marketing thinking way into company, development marketing and sales strategies;

Ø       creation and improvement of working process in marketing services department in a company;
staff growth in qualifications in marketing and sales services departments in a company;

Ø       recommendations how to choose a strategy for further business development;

Ø       construction of the strategy of company’s advancing (including segmentation and positioning);

Ø       increasing the efficiency of advertising investments;

Ø       development of methodology for making estimations for efficiency of held advertising campaigns.


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