Face-to-Face Interview

Face-to-face interview is a personal discussion between a respondent and an interviewer during the customers’ satisfaction study or social attitude. The method of forming of representative extracts allows us to get true data, which then can be mapped onto the whole general model in which a client is interested in. The respondents are being looked for either in their homes, in shops, or in the street. A professional interviewer fills the respondents’ answers into a questionnaire. The filled questionnaires are then being processed using statistical computer programmes and analyzed.

Respondents can also be interviewed on the telephone. A telephone interview is a talk between an interviewer and a respondent over the telephone during which the interviewer fills in a short formalized questionnaire. The representativeness of an extract is provided by the random selection of phone numbers from people’s and organisations’ telephone data bases. The subject of a telephone interview can be customer preferences, social and demographic features of customers, public opinion etc.

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