Media researches

Media research is a study where you reveal the rating and the audience of different mass media. The study is useful for advertisers to learn customers’ preferences and estimate the advertising potential of periodicals, radio stations and TV channels.   
This kind of research is necessary to conduct in waves on a regular basis. Thus, you will be able to determine trends and regularity having permanent character.  The periodicity of media research gives an opportunity to reveal  the changes in mass media on a timely basis.
For example a launch of a new periodical, radio station, TV channel or closure of existing, format change: editorial content, design, issue, period of issue etc.  

In whole media research answers the following questions:
  • What TV channels/programs are the most popular among population?
  • What newspapers, magazines are the most popular?
  • What TV channels/programs are the most popular among your target group?
  • What newspapers, magazines the target group reads most?
  • What sections in the newspapers and magazines the consumers read more often, what sections they do not  read at all?
  • What radio stations your target group prefers to listen to?
  • At what time your potential customers listen to the radio, watch TV?
  • What television customers watch more often (cable TV, government, satellite)?
The key objectives of media research are:
  • Analysis of the structure of mass media market and position of its main participants
  • To get information about popularity of different mass media, to identify the reason of its popularity
  • Rating of local and republican mass media
  • To reveal the main advertisers and advertised  product group
  • Analysis of advertising policy of the advertisers
  • To identify the criteria of consumer’s choice of periodicals
  • Analysis of strong and weak sides of different periodicals from consumers point of view
Thus, the results of this kind of research will contribute to the development of media plan. The research allows to use the most effective mass media for your target group.
Our agency conducts initiative research of mass media of Uzbekistan: periodicals, TV programs and radio stations allowing to monitor dynamic trends of audience preferences.  We conduct qualitative as well as quantitative research. 
We use the following methods:   face-to-face interview, telephone survey, diary method. We also conduct focus groups and in-depth interview to get qualitative results.

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