Marketing programms development and organisation

Strategy of a company is a complex of political mountings of this company and its perspective programs of actions, according to which achievement oа the set goals is being planned.  Strategy development foresees also examination of company’s objectives.  For qualitative examination of the strategy it’s important to consider company’s potential, market conditions as well as macro environment.

Development of marketing plan for a company.
Due to constant large projects we possess a huge volume of regularly renewed information about different markets that we can provide in shortest period of time. On the other hand, our resources and experience allow us to develop and carry out a program of research, at most adapted to requirements of a Client. 

MOREINFO marketing agency offers a complex decisiot of your task how to study the market, to promote the products in the market through planning marketing activities and effective demand stimulation among consumers. 

The process of consumer marketing can be divided into 4 main stages:
Data gaining.
Evaluation of market capacity; studying and segmentation of consumers; indicators showing familiarity with presented brands in the market; clearing out the consumers attributes;  detection of media-preferences etc.

Establishment of marketing goals, development of marketing plan. On this stage on the basis of your company’s internal information and received during research data, marketing plan is worked out. Marketing plan includes Sales plan, Positioning, Communications (advertising) plan, Marketing budget.


Marketing plan implementation.  On this stage in the course of advertising campaign planned arrangements of marketing plan are exercised.  


Evaluation of changes and efficiency. On this stage  the efficiency of fulfilled arrangements is estimated, conclusions are resumed and new tasks are set.


Mediaplanning is planning of advertising campaigns, the essence of which comes to choice of optimal programm for advertisement placement.  

Mediaplan (plan of advertising announcements placing) contains answers to following questions: where to advertise, what audience to cover, how often to advertise, when to advertise, how much means to invest in it.

Mediaplanning is an important tool for prediction and analysis, without which it would be very hard to work in the market of advertising nowadays, and already tomorrow it would be quite impossible.

Realization of standard mediaplanning methods supposes availability of special information data, that is standardized data about size and structure of audiences, advertising means, people attitudes towards different kinds of advertising information. For that it’s necessary to keep regular track of changes in ratings, circulations of mass media and target audiences.

Mediaplanning is exercised for each Client on the basis of total conception of advertising campaign, target audience and budget.

MOREINFO  agency not only offers marketing services but also can realize an advertising campaign.  On the other hand, we provide consulting and coordination to your advertising manager or advertising agency.



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