Competitor analysis


Competitor analysis.

This is complex estimation that supposes usage of analytical data, estimations of experts as well as information gained during observations and methods of market types evaluation. Depending on certain aims analysis can be conducted in consecutive way or by separate stages.  At that qualitative and quantitative estimations of competitive sphere are taken.  Formation of market situation supposes estimation of goods market in following directions: definition of market type, its structure.


MOREINFO marketing agency offers services for carrying out analysis of competitive environment. We offer a package of services like gaining, making estimations and  carrying out analysis of information about existing potential competitors of the same industry. One of the key moments of our services is deep learning both activities of competitor’s company and external factors of activities influencing on it. 

With our help you can get:
- information on production and consumption of the goods you are interested in;
- information about main participants of the market and their current financial-economical activities as well as their major clients, suppliers, partners;
- information about main competitors of market participants;
- data  on foreign-economic activity of industry enterprises. 


Information about dates and prices is given only on the request

Purposes: studying and description of the market and competitive environment of the organization. 


Methodology: there is a row of  methods for studying market.  For each Client a special method is developed.  These can be interviews, estimations of experts or registration arrangements, consumer panels. When considering competitive environment of the company, objects of studying are  companies-participants of the market or separate trade marks.


Components of research:
1. Market description.
o Market volume
o Spontaneous knowledge of companies-competitors in the market
o Remembering companies-competitors  with the help of prompting
o Knowledge estimation and remembrance for separate trade marks 

o Estimation of market shares by separate participants and directions
o Growth rates of previous periods
o Short term perspectives


2. Competitive environment.
o Estimation of companies-participants by the most important criteria
o Construction of positional mapping
o Comparative analysis of market participants – definition of weak and strong features
o Definition of consumers’ loyalty towards different companies


Results of carrying out these researches yearly will also make it possible:
o to evaluate your business advance – even 

when the volume of your sales grows from year to year, in truth your company can suffer losing its share of the market in case you don’t have the picture of the market in the whole;
o to track the trends of the market on the whole, its perspectives and potentials of separate directions;
o to define efficiency advertising arrangements and PR-actions of yours and your competitors;
o to realize your competitive environment in order to gain advantages over competitors through usage strong features and consideration weak ones as well as applying weak points of your competitors.



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